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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

One sorrow will be the forgotten

To see the burning eternal soul
Which can not have substance to a new dawn
Over the immeasurable surface the mind wanders
Trying to touch a loving whisper
Robed in it's human hues it did ascend
Wasted to a throw away world
The perishable demon that sits and waits
Caged in sin for it is hope
This was the shadow of the truth I saw
If it were hearts that ever burned
And the fire flooded their eyes
A call so loud that it becomes silent
All passion I face alone
Breathing in pigments of red
Fractured in spaces lifting no pain
Column's of dust mask the shadow
Shifting my thoughts to an ocean in the middle of the street
Flowing like waves,crashing through
Waves of people with out form
Divided in thoughts
Fading into nights shadows
hide myself from the world
For I find peace in darkness
Tasting the wind in hungers steps
Devouring the remnants of discarded sensations
One sorrow will be the forgotten
How can we look away not to see us if hope has faded
Is not giving a gift to ourselves

Can we turn a blind eye

Friday, 2 May 2014

The eagle's cry cherishes the land

The eagle's cry cherishes the land

Speaking a love to all nature

Breath of the wind whispers the ages

Sheltered in the arms of the trees  

Til twilight unfolds

 Small micro poem to share

Nourish me.......

Sparkling light

Morning dew

Carry me......

Dance in my soul

Til twilight unfolds

Monday, 30 September 2013

All about the city


Complex forms united with simplicity
Riddles in the shapes, minds firing electricity
Structures run deep so with elasticity
Fires are forging and framing the multiplicity
Mind focused now feeling the synchronicity
Lines and rows divide our supercity
Cultures diverse and not in paucity
Historical truths hidden in the inner-city
Industry drives toxins and poisons into our specificity
We all shout out never heard by the bureaucracity
The wheels continue on without rythmicity
All about the city

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fading now into the silence

Mind drifting into riddles
Breeding castaway memories long forgotten
Folding out in fragmented layers with no comprehension
Shadows to me they are with little of no substance
Divided thoughts elude my logical mind
Puzzle that may have no truth.
Fading now into the silence.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Rest with truth that I seek

Small poem for every one will be posting smaller poems as I write larger works.Lots of Big plans ahead
will show soon.

Pain breach my heart
Soul of emptiness
Faith resting on times layers
Hope is a shadow to memory
Creation rests in the void
Ever longing for purpose
Dissolve thy life in God's love

Rest with truth that I seek

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spelling ages historic decay

Imprisoned this body to the ravages of time

Wandering lost soul of youth,bones do not brave boldness

Riddles of age seek youths sweet rhyme

Fire brings comfort and chases away the coldness

Branches intertwine in families blood

Spelling ages historic decay

Mind drifting into riddles that flood

Inked pools of memories dissolved without structure do they lay

My disease is time braved by the soul

Wiseness is traded for youths fool

Unconscious ridicule betrays the minds goals

These are which bear the seeds of the pool