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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Shadow and light on the billboard.

Masked in shadow and light
We see the billboards and pass by some only catching a glimpse in their eyes.Why not look and see for the billboard is masked in shadow and light,what is right for one is left for another.Many things happening lots to see.Look carefully now for happiness might be here to see.Go out,go out when you find what you are
looking for and let the community events bond us together like the paper on the billboard wall together as one.So look into the shadow and the light on the wall for happiness might be there for all.

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

The road divide us but the garden connects us.

Wolseley garden where the road divides us but the garden connects us.
Wolseley garden is set in the middle of the road in a quiet little neighborhood in St Catharines Ontario on Wolseley ave.This communities garden growth is shared by the people who live there as the garden grows so
do the people.The road that divided them has become the garden that connects us.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

American Coot,duck duck chicken.

Duck duck chicken
Duck duck chicken?That's not right is it.Well it is basically,with its rounded head,sloping bill,tiny tail,short wings and large feet.This bird is a chicken in the water.But they are certainly not a chicken at all,very territorial and aggressive.There red eye is captivating and a little spooky to which seems to add to their rule the water type behavior.                                                            


American Coots are close in relation to rails,moorhens and gallinules.They have adapted a gallinule's body
to padding about in the water.Coots have lobed feet for swimming working well to propel them around,they
also have sharp claws which are handy to defend themselves.Coots can be found in ponds,marshes,lagoons
and on lakes they share with ducks or swans.When coots are with ducks and swans they act together in
something called commensal feeding where the waterfowl stir up the aquatic plants and animals in the water
and the coots dive and feed.

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Mallards dance in the water.

Female mallards dabbling in the marina in a dance on the water.

The water is calm in the marina today only the ripples and splashes of the American Coot.This beautiful jet black bird in this photo but he is not the only one of the many birds in the marina.These two female mallards are dabbling in the water for invertebrates and fish.They seem to mimic each others movements in the water like a dance on the stage.

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Monday, 24 December 2012

Plants universe,adapt or perish.

The adaptability of plants is astounding,they can grow just about anywhere.From inside a log which this one is doing.To high up in the forest canopy.Plants have an abundance of ways to adapt to change from growing on and in other plants to rolling with the wind like a tumbleweed.Adapt and overcome is the way to survive in the forest if you can't you will go extinct.

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