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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

American Coot,duck duck chicken.

Duck duck chicken
Duck duck chicken?That's not right is it.Well it is basically,with its rounded head,sloping bill,tiny tail,short wings and large feet.This bird is a chicken in the water.But they are certainly not a chicken at all,very territorial and aggressive.There red eye is captivating and a little spooky to which seems to add to their rule the water type behavior.                                                            


American Coots are close in relation to rails,moorhens and gallinules.They have adapted a gallinule's body
to padding about in the water.Coots have lobed feet for swimming working well to propel them around,they
also have sharp claws which are handy to defend themselves.Coots can be found in ponds,marshes,lagoons
and on lakes they share with ducks or swans.When coots are with ducks and swans they act together in
something called commensal feeding where the waterfowl stir up the aquatic plants and animals in the water
and the coots dive and feed.

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