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Monday, 30 September 2013

All about the city


Complex forms united with simplicity
Riddles in the shapes, minds firing electricity
Structures run deep so with elasticity
Fires are forging and framing the multiplicity
Mind focused now feeling the synchronicity
Lines and rows divide our supercity
Cultures diverse and not in paucity
Historical truths hidden in the inner-city
Industry drives toxins and poisons into our specificity
We all shout out never heard by the bureaucracity
The wheels continue on without rythmicity
All about the city

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fading now into the silence

Mind drifting into riddles
Breeding castaway memories long forgotten
Folding out in fragmented layers with no comprehension
Shadows to me they are with little of no substance
Divided thoughts elude my logical mind
Puzzle that may have no truth.
Fading now into the silence.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Rest with truth that I seek

Small poem for every one will be posting smaller poems as I write larger works.Lots of Big plans ahead
will show soon.

Pain breach my heart
Soul of emptiness
Faith resting on times layers
Hope is a shadow to memory
Creation rests in the void
Ever longing for purpose
Dissolve thy life in God's love

Rest with truth that I seek

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Spelling ages historic decay

Imprisoned this body to the ravages of time

Wandering lost soul of youth,bones do not brave boldness

Riddles of age seek youths sweet rhyme

Fire brings comfort and chases away the coldness

Branches intertwine in families blood

Spelling ages historic decay

Mind drifting into riddles that flood

Inked pools of memories dissolved without structure do they lay

My disease is time braved by the soul

Wiseness is traded for youths fool

Unconscious ridicule betrays the minds goals

These are which bear the seeds of the pool

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Behind the dream of truth

Lifted in the eye.

Wanting in the words.

A look that is despised.

Many find this absurd.

A deep pain fuels deceptions flame.

To feel it would heal the lie.

Into the depths a cry.

To this you must claim.

Touch the darkness empty and bleak.

Devouring your soul with lies teeth.

Mind is falling into the depths beneath.

Healing the lie we must seek.

Clouded the thought.

Within these walls does wrought.

Gates of deception pull you down.

Where in your eyes the Kings crown.

Bring the shadow into the light.

For this we must fight.

For they in their glory die.

And the whole world releases a sigh.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Heavens light

                                                    Inhabits there a desire untold.
                                                    Untainted in its purity
                                                    Beauty lives in its pure light
                                                    Heavens graces given
                                                    Lives in the eternities of all that is
                                                    Touching the hope,perhaps to see
                                                    Dwells in all life eternal
                                                    Touching the boundless limits is a new birth
                                                    Feel the radiating light
                                                    Wonders to touch
                                                    To touch a joy un-measurable
                                                    Giving thee a light as pure as timelessness
                                                    Unbound by humanity only life
                                                    No more wants or needs
                                                    The universe is so simple.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Predator and prey.

                                Tempest of night.
                                Predator and prey take flight.
                                Red blood reigns with fire eye.
                                Stained moon clouded sky.
                                Forged of blood and flesh.
                                Cold decay on the ground rest.
                                Carve the mud.
                                Stalk the innocent blood.
                                Smell the prey sight unseen.
                                Lurking through the forest green.
                                Pierce the darkness with glowing eyes.
                                Carried in the wind,Savage thoughts arise.
                                The blood is warm but feels so cold.
                                I am the strong wind let night unfold.
                                Swift footed,sure and true.
                                Pale moon beams run askew.
                                Eyes fixed on hungers fire.
                                Relinquish your blood to my desire.
                                Strike swiftly fortress of strength.
                                Dust and stones are all that is in my wake.
                                Seized in flesh and bone.
                                Moment of life and death known.
                                Flesh upon flesh torn apart.
                                No longer does beat the heart.
                                Born in the blood this longing thirst.
                                Never to fade on heaven or earth.
                                The balance of nature,Predator and prey.
                                So ends the night and begins the light of day.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lightening quickens in her eyes.

Abstractions in my mind,fade not and still.
Heart of passion endless will.
My heart has become an eagle taking flight into your passion.
Freedoms flight into lovers reactions.
Your beauty steals my eyes.
Your face painted in my dreams.
Lightening quickens in her eyes.
Sweetness oh I want to taste.
Mounting into your forbidden place.
Fusion of our bodies.
Sanctuary of longing your treasure.
Transform into joy and melt into sweetness.
Eternities are spent in your pleasure.
Blooming in the valley of thy depths.
Pulsations send shutters to my breath.
Sensations indulge in all your delights.
Fire to fire burning bright.
Warm desires!
Dancing fire!
Relentless yearning!
Flame is burning!
Our eyes,our feelings focus but one thought.
Devour your lips soft stimulations.
Hips pulsating in undulations.
Inherit heavens graces in your eyes.
Touch the softness of your thighs.
Faster and faster on heaven and earth.
Indulge in succulent desserts.
Wild deep longing,Heart is fire in the chest.
On wild thoughts fixed and what within the mind.
Ravage me until the end of time.
Pulse beats rapidly,moments not to rest.
relentless yearning!
Fires depths burning!
Kiss the tenderness.
Feel the warm caress.
Capture me in your desires.
Extinguish our fire.
Transforming,shaping,uniting into one.
Bliss comes now into the morning sun.
My lover holds tomorrows boundless future.
Rest now and Imagine all possibles to be possible.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A hope for a kiss.

                                          Image courtesy of Kongsky at

                                                      A HOPE FOR A KISS

                                                     With every passing in morning light.
                                                     Angelically showing your beauty to me.
                                                     My chance to say a word but all is night.
                                                     A whisper of courage I can not see.
                                                     My angel,my joy,my sorrow.
                                                     A glance,A word,A kiss tomorrow.
                                                     A kiss that haunts me in my dreams.
                                                     Holds in perfection a little moment.
                                                     With every breath I bleed it seems.
                                                     Moments do I play in my mind.
                                                     Softness of thy lips shall be my only desire.
                                                     The blood burns an eternal fire.
                                                     How do I approach you,how do I find.
                                                     Oh to gaze upon your eyes
                                                     Feel the warmth the softness of thy touch.
                                                     Could fortune by chance throw me into your arms.
                                                     So you could see my charms.
                                                     Unfortunately I do not think so much.
                                                     Wanting the kiss wounded me deep.
                                                     Captive my heart in the kiss of eternal sleep.
                                                     End my longing courage of the heart.
                                                     Bring something to me before we part.
                                                     Just a taste and my life is complete.
                                                     But everything has ended in defeat.
                                                     No more shall I see you for you have been taken away.
                                                    Sorrow is endless you have passed today.                          

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A human teardrop falls.

                                The curling waves that break against the shore.
                                The life blood of the planet that we care no more.
                                 Flood deep!Flood deep!silent sleep.
                                 Shallow minded with no depth.
                                 Toxic failings penetrating deep.
                                 Poisoning my love while we slept.
                                 Tame its course without a thought.
                                 Could we be the instrument of its rot.
                                 Toxic potions and little devotion.
                                 What is this we do to waters motion.
                                 Wave upon wave crashes the shore.
                                 Salmon,Salmon no more!no more!
                                 Sea of darkness,Sea of light.
                                 Rising from your body is the breath of life.
                                 Tears of natures love for us all.
                                 We bleed out the seas final call.
                                 A human tear drop falls into the sea.
                                 Casting a wave for every one to see.
                                 Giants of the ocean sing the tear drops song.
                                 Waves on the ocean cast the voice far and long.
                                  People weep for they hear the whales call.
                                  Tear drops from the sadness of all.
                                  In between the silence of the sorrow does it grow.
                                  Washing wave upon wave until every one knows.
                                  Carried in the wind is tears of pain.
                                  For humans dominion is bringing the rain.
                                 Savage depths kindle a mighty roar.
                                 The waves crash on ever shore.
                                 The song in the ocean sings of a ever lasting flood.
                                 For in the end it will take all our blood.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

An echoing cry in the silence.

An echoing cry in the silence.The disease molded into their hearts.The echos cry would flood the world.
Fed by fear which they can not conquer.Speaks of truth of the color in the dream.A dream I did weave
of a reality so true to me.Colors living in harmony inside this place.Peace and joy were between every
space.Stand strong,be brave we hear your cry.Weep not for the dream but for the world in their eyes.
My body drank from the wish.Which kept me in the dream.The tears washed away the colors of pain.
The wish showed me a world where no one had gone.A land where colors showed no fear.The colors
of fear are fading now.Rest now for I will shed no tear.For your existence is a plague on us all.
I can not hear the echo anymore.Its deception always ever lasting but not in the dream.Can the dream
be reality for when I wake.Project the dream into all that are awake.Finally silent the color of fear.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Deep is the night of fires blood.

Pass through the valley and into the mist.
I shall meet you over the hill.
See the spectacle of colors in crimson red and yellow bliss.
Shadows are lost in your falling flight.
The day is over and its time for night.
Cold is the darkness which has lost its flame.
Deep is the night of fires blood.
Predators stalk in their domain.
The heart pounds echoing into the silent forest.
Where nothing is left but the chase.
Sleep is no more until the hearts desires are at rest.
The art of stealth silent and true.
Through fields of grass and uncovered clay.
The hunger feeds the fire in their eyes never to stray
Breath cold air feel the rush of the moment.
Consuming the desire until hunter meets prey.
The warmness of bloods bliss cools the fire.
Fear is nothing to instincts desires.
Now quiet the night only whispers of shadows.
For fires blood is at rest and to lay.
waiting for the sun to bring another day.

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The melting voice through mazes running.

In winter it comes.
Through forest and tangled roots perplex your way.Funneled light through the trees.Feel the warmth of
sunlight in the open leas.Soft winds blow and rustle the leaves.At first you hear its rushing voice,ever more closer its silencing force.The forest breaks and opens to the river.Where snow and ice melt and water rises.
The melting voice through mazes running carves its way through the land.Everything in its path is washed away.Water is the lifeblood that everything depends.From shallow streams to murky ponds.Creatures
lurk in the depths and beyond.Strong and true is the waters path and never will it be tamed at last.

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