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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Behind the dream of truth

Lifted in the eye.

Wanting in the words.

A look that is despised.

Many find this absurd.

A deep pain fuels deceptions flame.

To feel it would heal the lie.

Into the depths a cry.

To this you must claim.

Touch the darkness empty and bleak.

Devouring your soul with lies teeth.

Mind is falling into the depths beneath.

Healing the lie we must seek.

Clouded the thought.

Within these walls does wrought.

Gates of deception pull you down.

Where in your eyes the Kings crown.

Bring the shadow into the light.

For this we must fight.

For they in their glory die.

And the whole world releases a sigh.


  1. Wow, Jeff. I like the theme of pulling us from darkness to light. We can all interpret the lines according to our own experiences as the words weave into themselves and form a wonderful texture.

  2. Every one sees and feels something that they want.That is the beauty is poetry.