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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Heavens light

                                                    Inhabits there a desire untold.
                                                    Untainted in its purity
                                                    Beauty lives in its pure light
                                                    Heavens graces given
                                                    Lives in the eternities of all that is
                                                    Touching the hope,perhaps to see
                                                    Dwells in all life eternal
                                                    Touching the boundless limits is a new birth
                                                    Feel the radiating light
                                                    Wonders to touch
                                                    To touch a joy un-measurable
                                                    Giving thee a light as pure as timelessness
                                                    Unbound by humanity only life
                                                    No more wants or needs
                                                    The universe is so simple.


  1. Ah, your words come easily as I read them yet I know that there is such skill in a style like that. Beauty is in each line!

  2. My hope for the world is to see the infinite possibilities of existence.Limitless and boundless in it's beauty.Thanks for your kind words Christy.