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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Predator and prey.

                                Tempest of night.
                                Predator and prey take flight.
                                Red blood reigns with fire eye.
                                Stained moon clouded sky.
                                Forged of blood and flesh.
                                Cold decay on the ground rest.
                                Carve the mud.
                                Stalk the innocent blood.
                                Smell the prey sight unseen.
                                Lurking through the forest green.
                                Pierce the darkness with glowing eyes.
                                Carried in the wind,Savage thoughts arise.
                                The blood is warm but feels so cold.
                                I am the strong wind let night unfold.
                                Swift footed,sure and true.
                                Pale moon beams run askew.
                                Eyes fixed on hungers fire.
                                Relinquish your blood to my desire.
                                Strike swiftly fortress of strength.
                                Dust and stones are all that is in my wake.
                                Seized in flesh and bone.
                                Moment of life and death known.
                                Flesh upon flesh torn apart.
                                No longer does beat the heart.
                                Born in the blood this longing thirst.
                                Never to fade on heaven or earth.
                                The balance of nature,Predator and prey.
                                So ends the night and begins the light of day.



  1. Wow, such sweeping images of prey, Predator, and times of day - awesomely vivid!

  2. Thanks Christy you can't see in this picture but there are two Coyotes about 50 feet away behind me.They took off when they saw me.But gave me inspiration for a poem