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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lightening quickens in her eyes.

Abstractions in my mind,fade not and still.
Heart of passion endless will.
My heart has become an eagle taking flight into your passion.
Freedoms flight into lovers reactions.
Your beauty steals my eyes.
Your face painted in my dreams.
Lightening quickens in her eyes.
Sweetness oh I want to taste.
Mounting into your forbidden place.
Fusion of our bodies.
Sanctuary of longing your treasure.
Transform into joy and melt into sweetness.
Eternities are spent in your pleasure.
Blooming in the valley of thy depths.
Pulsations send shutters to my breath.
Sensations indulge in all your delights.
Fire to fire burning bright.
Warm desires!
Dancing fire!
Relentless yearning!
Flame is burning!
Our eyes,our feelings focus but one thought.
Devour your lips soft stimulations.
Hips pulsating in undulations.
Inherit heavens graces in your eyes.
Touch the softness of your thighs.
Faster and faster on heaven and earth.
Indulge in succulent desserts.
Wild deep longing,Heart is fire in the chest.
On wild thoughts fixed and what within the mind.
Ravage me until the end of time.
Pulse beats rapidly,moments not to rest.
relentless yearning!
Fires depths burning!
Kiss the tenderness.
Feel the warm caress.
Capture me in your desires.
Extinguish our fire.
Transforming,shaping,uniting into one.
Bliss comes now into the morning sun.
My lover holds tomorrows boundless future.
Rest now and Imagine all possibles to be possible.


  1. Such emotion! This is a great one, Jeff.

  2. Sweet is poetry that gives a kind comment like yours Christy Birmingham,thanks for the hashtag #poetry will put that with my posts.