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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Deep is the night of fires blood.

Pass through the valley and into the mist.
I shall meet you over the hill.
See the spectacle of colors in crimson red and yellow bliss.
Shadows are lost in your falling flight.
The day is over and its time for night.
Cold is the darkness which has lost its flame.
Deep is the night of fires blood.
Predators stalk in their domain.
The heart pounds echoing into the silent forest.
Where nothing is left but the chase.
Sleep is no more until the hearts desires are at rest.
The art of stealth silent and true.
Through fields of grass and uncovered clay.
The hunger feeds the fire in their eyes never to stray
Breath cold air feel the rush of the moment.
Consuming the desire until hunter meets prey.
The warmness of bloods bliss cools the fire.
Fear is nothing to instincts desires.
Now quiet the night only whispers of shadows.
For fires blood is at rest and to lay.
waiting for the sun to bring another day.

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