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Thursday, 10 January 2013

An echoing cry in the silence.

An echoing cry in the silence.The disease molded into their hearts.The echos cry would flood the world.
Fed by fear which they can not conquer.Speaks of truth of the color in the dream.A dream I did weave
of a reality so true to me.Colors living in harmony inside this place.Peace and joy were between every
space.Stand strong,be brave we hear your cry.Weep not for the dream but for the world in their eyes.
My body drank from the wish.Which kept me in the dream.The tears washed away the colors of pain.
The wish showed me a world where no one had gone.A land where colors showed no fear.The colors
of fear are fading now.Rest now for I will shed no tear.For your existence is a plague on us all.
I can not hear the echo anymore.Its deception always ever lasting but not in the dream.Can the dream
be reality for when I wake.Project the dream into all that are awake.Finally silent the color of fear.

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